Hoyle Card Games 2005

Hoyle Card Games 2005

Hoyle Card Games is a game full of entertaining and fun
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Hoyle Card Games is a game full of entertaining and fun. It includes sixteen different types of games, from classics like Bridge, Hearts and Gin Runny to family games like Crazy Eights and Old Maid. It also includes fifty different Solitaire games.

Many of the games can be played with Hoyle computer players, and some games can be played with several people in front of your computer.

The classic Bridge game includes rubber bridge and four-deal bridge. Crazy Eights is full of fun and you would not be able to stop playing. In Rummy Drawing the idea is to get rid of the cards the sooner as possible. Go Fish is very simple and classic, for all ages. The player has just to ask other players for cards, and remember what they ask for. Hearts is a very competitive game where the goal is not to catch hearts or the dangerous Queen of Spades. Those are some of the games that are included on Hoyle Card Games.

If you have team spirit and you like to spend a lovely time playing with friends this is the type of game you need.

Very nice pictures and lovely graphics.

Review summary


  • Very Entertaining
  • Nice music
  • Excellent graphics


  • Some games are not so easy to understand
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